From Video Games to the School Track Team: KidFit Camp Helps Local Student Get Active

After eight weeks of KidFit Camp at Ingalls Wellness Center last winter, 14-year-old Logan Magee traded video games on the couch for invigorating workouts on the school track. And his mom says his life has improved in countless ways.

"He's always been active in school – with speech club, drama club and the band," mom Stacy Magee explains. "But he wasn't physically active."

That all changed when Logan's parents enrolled him in KidFit Camp in Homewood.

Not only did he learn about proper nutrition and the types of foods he should eat, the Ingalls KidFit Camp staff encouraged him to start moving.

"Running really helped," Stacy explained. "They showed him what to do, and how to continue exercising at home. We didn't (enroll him) for weight loss, but he ended up losing 16 pounds by the time Camp was over. I can't tell you what it's done for his attitude and his self-esteem. He's more energetic than ever, and he made the honor roll. We're so proud of him."

Combining the efforts of a fitness expert and dietitian, KidFit Camp is a unique, interactive weight management program designed to help nine- to 12-year-old children and their parents establish safe, healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. KidFit Camp is offered periodically throughout the calendar year at various community locations.

"The program focuses on changing behaviors and building self-esteem, with an emphasis on achieving gradual weight loss and maintenance to ensure proper growth and development," explains Kim Kramer, R.D., registered dietitian at the Ingalls Wellness Center.

During the informative interactive sessions, kids and parents learn about healthy portion sizes, fats, sugars, calories and other terms that help them understand food labels.

"I don't cook with white flour anymore," Stacy added. "We drink skim milk now for cereal (and other foods), and we know to look at the first five ingredients on the label to see if it's nutritious. We also learned, ‘Fiber is our friend.' Logan still talks about them. KidFit Camp changed his life. We can't even begin to explain how grateful we are."

"The KidFit teachers were an inspiration to me because they really care about kids and their well-being," Logan added.

For more information about Ingalls KidFit Camp, call the Ingalls Wellness Center at 708.206.0072.

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