Ingalls Stroke Care Helps Indiana Man Regain Independence

During the winter of 2008, Tom Lendi remembers ordering lunch at an area fast-food restaurant. Then, nothing.

When he woke up in a hospital room, he began to fire off questions to determine what had happened. "I thought I was talking as plain as I'm talking now, but none of what I was saying made any sense," Tom explains. The doctors told the 55-year-old that he had suffered a stroke, and after a brief hospitalization, he began his rehabilitation at the Ingalls Center for Rehabilitative Medicine.

When he began his journey back to independence at Ingalls, Tom was in a wheelchair, could not move his right arm or leg and could not speak. "Ingalls therapists gave me a sense of confidence," Tom explains. "They never gave up on my ability to accomplish tasks." Tom exceeded his own and the specialists' expectations while he worked to adapt to his impairments. He strengthened his weakened right side, and he improved his wordfinding skills and pronunciation with a speech therapist.

At Ingalls Day Rehabilitation in Calumet City, Tom finetuned his ability to walk, talk and drive. After having his car modified, Tom was able to go back to work despite a 26-mile drive each way. "I was constantly challenged during rehabilitation and I feel good about how far I've come."

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