Ingalls Rehab ‘Home Away from Home’ for Orland Hills Man

The Ingalls Center for rehabilitative medicine recently became a “home away from home” for 65-year-old ronald Burke of Orland Hills following shoulder surgery last October – and a second time in January – this time, at his request

“I’ve been in other rehabilitation units, but Ingalls is by far the best,” he explains. “When you’re a patient there, they devote 100 percent to you.”

When Burke was discharged from the inpatient unit last fall, he continued physical therapy at home. But therapy was complicated by Burke’s reliance on a walker since undergoing a partial amputation of his right leg in 2007. With restrictions on how much weight his recovering shoulder could bear, using the walker to get around his house proved difficult.

Burke contacted his doctors and asked them to send him back to the rehabilitation experts at Ingalls so he could continue to work on his weakened shoulder.

“If I could live there, I would. Every member of the team...they treated me like a king,” he added. “My therapists taught me everything I needed to know, and they helped me strengthen my shoulder so that I could use my walker again at home.”

After a brief stay, Burke was discharged home, fully able to care for himself.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best rehab I’ve ever had,” he said. In fact, Burke is so pleased with the Center, he plans to volunteer there in the near future.

Inpatient Rehabilitation at Ingalls

The Ingalls Center for rehabilitative medicine is a nationally recognized 53-bed facility focusing on acute rehabilitation in five primary areas: amputee, general rehabilitation, neurological, orthopedics/spinal cord, and stroke/brain dysfunction.

Because of the program’s comprehensive nature, many patients are referred to Ingalls from local and Chicago-area hospitals.

In fact, in 2006 the Center became the first and only in the State of Illinois to receive a three-year stroke specialty accreditation by the prestigious Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF also awarded Ingalls three-year accreditation for its overall inpatient adult rehabilitation program, with Ingalls scoring in the top three percent nationwide.

In addition to 24-hour nursing care, the program offers physical, occupational and recreational therapy, with speech therapy and neuropsychology available by physician order. Patients follow a rigorous daily treatment program that consists of at least three hours of therapy five days a week.

“Our patients receive therapy and training in all aspects of their lives – from simple activities of daily living such as eating and grooming, to adapting their homes for eventual discharge, to preparing them for return to work,” explains Debbie VanSchepen, director of patient care services at Ingalls. “The goal is to make our patients as independent and functional as possible after they leave our unit.”

For more information about the Ingalls Center for Rehabilitative Medicine, please call 708.915.5126.

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