South Holland Man Touts Convenience of Ingalls Same Day Surgery

Fifty-three-year-old Robert Boomsma of South Holland said his knee arthroscopy at Ingalls Same Day Surgery in June went so smoothly, "it was a non-event."

Robert, who had injured his left knee at work, thought the pain would go away on its own. When it didn't, he consulted board-certified orthopedic surgeon Daniel Weber, M.D., a physician on staff at Ingalls who diagnosed a torn meniscus and recommended arthroscopy to treat it.

Robert chose to have the outpatient procedure done at Ingalls Same Day Surgery in Tinley Park.

"I had knee surgery at Ingalls Memorial Hospital three or four years ago and had a great experience," he recalls. "But this time I chose Same Day Surgery for the added convenience."

"Same Day Surgery still has all the professionalism of being in the hospital, it's just simpler and more convenient," he explained. "The whole experience was just slightly more complicated than going to the dentist. If you've got a choice, I would definitely recommend it."

An avid boater and water-skier, Robert was back on skis eight weeks after surgery.

"A wide range of orthopedic surgeries that once required an inpatient stay are now available on an outpatient basis," Dr. Weber added. "When given a choice, most patients prefer the convenience."

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