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Vein Treatment at Ingalls Takes the Ache Out of Frankfort Man’s Legs

A machinist by trade, 48-year-old Richard Golick spends five days a week standing on his feet. An aching muscle here or there is par for the course.

But the throbbing aches and pains that Golick experienced in his legs day after day were anything but normal. Neither were the bulging, gnarled veins that Golick hid under long pants or “tall” socks.

“I’d come home from work, and my legs would just ache,” he remembers. “I knew I had to do something about it.”

Thanks to a tip from a woman who works out at the same Mokena gym, Golick made an appointment with the experts at the Ingalls Vein Clinic in Tinley Park in 2007. The diagnosis: severe varicose veins.

“My legs look great. They’re so smooth now,” Golick adds. “More importantly, they feel great. I can stand all day long and not have any pain. I highly recommend the Ingalls Vein Clinic.”

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