No Distance Too Great to Travel for Anterior Hip Replacement

Julie Verona of Ottawa didn’t blink an eye about driving more than 70 miles to Ingalls last July to have an anterior hip replacement. What she spent in gas money, she more than made up for in reduced post-operative pain and a quicker recovery time.

As a professional graphic designer, Verona spends long hours sitting in front of a computer, not an easy feat for someone with arthritis of the hip. Before she underwent the revolutionary procedure in July, sitting, standing and even sleeping caused a lot of pain.

“I used to walk everyday,” she recalls, “but one day I could barely make it back home.”

Despite her young age, doctors told Verona a hip replacement was inevitable. But the energetic wife and mother of three didn’t want a traditional hip replacement.

“I wanted to have the anterior hip,” she explains. “With three kids, I needed to be up and moving right away. My husband’s aunt in Iowa had an anterior hip done, so I knew there were a lot of advantages and I was willing to drive all the way to Iowa to have it done.”

Her health insurance company, however, didn’t agree. So after some more searching on the web, Verona discovered board-certified orthopedic surgeons in Chicago’s south suburbs who were experts in the European-pioneered procedure they dubbed the “French Hip.”

The anterior approach to hip replacement

The anterior hip approach is made possible with the use of a high-tech operating table that allows surgeons to reach the hip joint from the front, working between the muscles and tissues instead of having to detach them from either the hip or thighbones. This minimizes trauma and helps prevent dislocation of the hip.

“Following surgery, patients can immediately bend their hip and bear full weight when comfortable, resulting in a more rapid return to normal function,” David Smith, M.D., explains. “And, in supervised therapy, patients go up and down stairs before their hospital release.”

Following physical therapy, Verona was moving better than she had in years. She even resumed exercise walking.

“My physical therapist in Ottawa had never seen a patient who had undergone the anterior hip before and was blown away by the results,” she adds.

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