Integrated Cancer Treatment

Evidence Supports Impact on Cancer Symptoms and Therapy Side Effects

At UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial, an effective cancer plan of treatment may include a range of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and biological therapy.

Danielle Sterrenberg, MD, a cancer specialist on staff at Ingalls, is a fellowship-trained hematologist/ oncologist who treats patients with all types of complex cancer.

One of her special interests is integrative oncology, a holistic approach to cancer prevention and treatment that incorporates nutrition, exercise, stress management and other complementary therapies alongside standard treatment. “I treat the whole patient in a comprehensive and personal manner, combining alternative and standard care to battle the disease and also support a high quality of life during treatment,” she explained.

Dr. Sterrenberg recommends various methods of alternative therapies at Ingalls Wellness Center, including music therapy, meditation, massage or yoga to manage anxiety and stress. Additionally, acupuncture and acupressure can help reduce pain and mitigate the side effects of some cancers, such as neuropathy or nausea. All these therapies, plus aromatherapy and reflexology, are offered at Ingalls Wellness Center.

Accordingly, lifestyle modifications including exercise and healthy eating are often prescribed to ease physical discomfort, improve stamina, enhance quality of life and help prevent cancer recurrence.

Dr. Sterrenberg is in practice with Drs. Mark Kozloff, James Wallace and Kimberly Kruczek, with convenient offices at the Ingalls Family Care Centers in Flossmoor and Tinley Park.

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