Ingalls Same Day Surgery:

25 Years of Exceptional Service

When Ingalls Same Day Surgery made its debut in Tinley Park back in 1985, Ronald Reagan was president, Back to the Future was playing at local movie theaters, and the concept of having surgery anywhere but in the hospital was relatively unheard of.

Especially in the South Suburbs of Chicago. A pioneer in its own right, Ingalls Same Day Surgery was the first of its kind in Illinois, and stayed that way for several years.

And with a huge head start on the competition, it remains the market leader. In fact, the center, which now averages about 4,000 surgeries a year, recently reached another milestone: its 80,000th patient.

“When Ingalls Same Day Surgery began, the notion of doing outpatient surgery outside of the hospital was truly a new frontier,” explains Frank Kniffen, M.D., medical director and head of the center’s anesthesia department. “Today, 70 percent of surgeries are now done on an outpatient basis. From day one, our mission has been to offer safe, convenient, cost-effective care, and we have stayed true to that.”

Initially, the center performed less complex surgeries like vasectomies, simple biopsies and tonsillectomies – to name a few. But with rapid technological advances and growth in minimally invasive surgical techniques, the center now offers a wide range of surgeries covering nearly every surgical specialty. (For a full list of available surgical procedures, visit

Orthopedics, in particular, has experienced tremendous growth. Shoulder reconstruction, arthroscopy, complex hand and foot surgeries, and ACL and PCL repair are a sample of same-day procedures that once required an inpatient hospital stay.

A Popular Choice for Patients

Patients are admitted to a private room before surgery. Once their surgery is complete, they recover in the same private room, are cared for by the same nurse and are discharged directly to their homes.

Parents especially appreciate Ingalls Same Day Surgery. They can stay with their child until they are taken to the surgical suite, a mere 30 feet from the waiting room.

“We provide very personalized care,” added Nancy Baczewski, R.N., who’s been with Ingalls Same Day Surgery since it opened.

And it shows. Ingalls Same Day Surgery regularly ranks in the 98th percentile for patient satisfaction.

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