Husband and Wife Team Dance Like a Couple Half Their Age

Harry and Mary Stokes of Hazel Crest were "in the mood" to dance at the Ingalls Advanced Orthopedic Institute Alumni Club's first-ever dance party in September, and it showed!

The energetic husbandand-wife team cut a rug like a couple half their age and walked away winners of the event's dance contest!

Their winning song: Glenn Miller's In the Mood, the number-one big band hit of the 1940s and the Stokes' personal favorite.

Harry, 91 and Mary, 87, were understandably proud of the award and owe some of their success to knee replacement surgery Harry underwent at Ingalls a year earlier. Before orthopedic surgeon Daniel Weber, M.D., replaced Harry's left knee, the retired Santa Fe Railroad bridge designer struggled with pain.

"We never really stopped dancing," Mary adds, "but Harry had a lot of pain in his knee."

That's not the case now, though.

"It's much easier for me to dance than it was before the surgery," Harry admits. "I would definitely recommend Dr. Weber and Ingalls."

Mary, who choreographs many of the couple's dances, says her favorite style is the tango, while Harry prefers the quick step.

The dynamic duo has enjoyed seven decades of dancing together. They met in the 1940s when big band was king. In fact, Harry played in a big band.

"When we first met, we became partners in rollerskating/ dancing," Mary explains. Though they eventually switched to ballroom-style dancing, the couple remains devoted to dance—and to each other. They've even studied dance professionally. Each week, Harry and Mary venture out to area dance venues to enjoy their fancy footwork.

"Dancing keeps you young," Mary adds. "It keeps you physically fit and your brain active. It's what we love to do."

If joint pain is keeping you off the dance floor or away from other activities, call 708.915.PAIN (7246) for more information or a referral to an orthopedic surgeon on staff at the Ingalls Advanced Orthopedic Institute.

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