The Heart Aware Risk Assessment

Know your risk of heart disease

Screenings can help detect potential heart conditions before they become a problem. That’s why we offer HeartAware for a comprehensive picture of your heart's health. This free, online assessment is a quick and convenient way to determine if you are at risk for heart disease, right in the comfort of your home or office. HeartAware also raises your awareness about heart disease through easy-to-read education material.

Start your screening now

In less than seven minutes, your assessment will tell you if you are at risk for heart disease. A printable report is provided at completion. If your assessment reveals three or more risk factors for heart disease, you are eligible to receive a free health screening package that includes a full lipid profile, blood glucose level and measurements of blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. Afterwards, an Ingalls nurse navigator will follow up with you to discuss your results and make a plan to minimize your future risks for heart disease. For your convenience, the free health screening packages are available at several Ingalls locations.

The risk assessment offers valuable information to improve your "heart health" including:

  • A cardiovascular risk assessment to evaluate your heart risk of developing heart disease;
  • Interactive animations to visually walk you through nine conditions or procedures;
  • Deep and informative content related to over 100 cardiovascular conditions and procedures;
  • Physician descriptions to find a doctor that is convenient for you; and
  • Preventative information to help you, your family and friends become more heart healthy.