Crestwood Care Center

Primary care on your schedule!

The Ingalls Care Center in Crestwood offers convenient, quality primary care services from Primary Health Associates (PHA), a comprehensive primary care team of physicians and advanced practice nurses. PHA providers see adults and children, two years and older. Our medical professionals are available to take care of all of your family's minor illnesses and injuries, and services are often less expensive than care from a drugstore clinic. Ingalls expanded access primary care provides an option for patients to receive primary care on a walk-in basis during hours not typically available in a private practice setting.

Ingalls Care Center in Crestwood is so much more than a doctor's office. In addition to Quick Care, PHA and Occupational Health services, some of the specialty physicians on Ingalls medical staff will be seeing patients in Crestwood.

Please note that PHA and specialty physicians staffing the Ingalls Care Center are not employees or agents of Ingalls Memorial Hospital and they may not accept all insurances accepted by the hospital. For a listing of insurances accepted by PHA, please click here.

Important information: Clinic closing times may vary due to the number of patients waiting to be seen. Additional patients may not be able to sign in when the wait time extends past the posted clinic closing time. *Practitioners take a daily, required lunch break. Please note that lunch times shown may vary.

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