Organ Repairman Back in Tune with Anterior Hip Surgery

Though he doesn't play a note of music, Chris Marshall of Midlothian has made a career of keeping area church-goers in song.

Chris Marshall, who repairs church organs, keyboards, digital pianos and public address systems, spends his days traveling through the Chicago area and northwest Indiana.

But in the last few years, occupational hazards have taken their toll on his left hip.

"It got to the point where every step I took, I got the jab," the 66-year-old owner of Metro Organ Service recalls.

On the advice of two acquaintances from his own church, Chris made an appointment with Daniel Weber, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon on staff at the Ingalls Advanced Orthopedic Institute, who performs a special type of hip replacement surgery called the anterior approach. "It was important to me to be up and around quickly," Chris explains.

After a consultation with Dr. Weber, Chris underwent anterior hip replacement surgery at Ingalls in February.

Unlike traditional hip surgeries, which involve a lengthy ten- to twelve-inch incision through the buttock muscles and tendons, anterior hip replacement reaches the hip joint from the front. Using a specially engineered operating table, surgeons work between the muscles and tissues without detaching them, leading to a quicker recovery and preventing hip dislocation.

Afterwards, patients can immediately bend at the hip and bear full weight when comfortable, which means a more rapid return to normal function. Other benefits include a shorter hospital stay, smaller incision and less pain.

"By and large, individuals with hip arthritis would be candidates for anterior hip replacement," Dr. Weber said.

A Record Recovery

Following surgery, Chris was back home in less than three days and eagerly performed his physical therapy exercises. Just two-and-a-half weeks after surgery he was back to work part-time, and five days after that, he was working full-time.

"I can't be more excited about this procedure," he says. "I didn't even have staples. I'm so grateful to Dr. Weber for getting me back to where I needed to be."

For more information about anterior hip replacement at Ingalls, call IngallsExpress at 708.915.PAIN (7246).

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